“Even when I was doing an internship abroad, I felt grounded in The Hague.”
“Even when I was doing an internship abroad, I felt grounded in The Hague.”

The Twelve Ambassadors

Kevin Huyzen

General Information

Name: Kevin Huyzen
Nickname: Kevin
Age: 27
Interests: Running, attending concerts, Corporate Social Responsibility, combining Business with Sustainable Development
Favourite Quote: With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own. ― John F. Kennedy: The Inaugural Address
Favourite place in The Hague: The Malieveld, a large grass field located opposite of The Hague Central Station. For some it’s a place of concerts, fairs, or protest. For me it’s a place for sports.
Works/studies/lives in The Hague: I work in The Hague.

My Story

Even though I wasn’t born or raised in The Hague, the city has had a recurring presence in my life. Ten years ago, when I just moved to The Netherlands, I used to spend weekends here visiting friends and whenever I would leave I felt a little homesick.

Even when I was doing an internship abroad, I felt grounded in The Hague. After I graduated I directly went to go work in The Hague. Every morning when I travel from home to The Hague Central Station, and I see the skyline, I get excited. I love the diverse and dynamic style of the organisations. Another reason why The Hague is so important to me? I ran my first half marathon during the City-Pier-City race. It was a great experience running from the metropolitan city centre all the way to the beautiful and peaceful beach in Scheveningen. Earlier this year I took part in NLdoet, a volunteer event organized through my work. We met former refugees living in The Hague who wanted to learn Dutch and about the local culture. We taught them the unofficial anthem of the city “Oh, oh, Den Haag”.  It was fantastic! While the event only lasted an afternoon, it made me realize that I live in a bubble that not everyone gets to experience. The event reminded me that I need to get active and make my contribution to the community. This is why I am grateful and proud to be one of the One Young World ambassadors for The Hague. I hope that our Summit will make a meaningful contribution for the people of The Hague.

Three Must Things

1. Cheesecake Company: The best cheesecake in town!
2. Lola Bikes and Coffee: If you’re adventurous, try the barista’s special.
3. The Hague Market (‘De Haagse Markt’): If you want to see, smell, and most importantly taste The Hague … this is the place to be!

My One Young World

El próximo años One Young World se llevará a cabo en la ciudad...

#VIdeo El próximo año #OneYoungWorld se llevará a cabo en la ciudad de La Haya, en Países Bajos. Es por esto que sus delegados Yvet Maassen y Kevin Huyzen, se encuentran en Bogotá. bluradio.com

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