“Music connects people on a level words alone cannot. I am therefore proud that The Hague is nationally known for its music scene.”
“Music connects people on a level words alone cannot. I am therefore proud that The Hague is nationally known for its music scene.”

The Twelve Ambassadors

Yvet Jody Maassen

General Information

Name: Yvet Jody Maassen
Nickname: Yvet
Age: 23
Interests: I love to write and to write songs under my singer-songwriter name Yvet Jody. Moreover, I love to experience live music and the arts in general.
Favourite Quote: Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it. -Vincent van Gogh
Favourite place in The Hague: Grote Markt because there is always something going on. At night the lights light up and give it a nice atmosphere. This is, together with the Paard Café, where you can enjoy live music.
Works/studies/lives in The Hague: I came here because of my studies., but right now I live here.

My Story

I’m one of the lucky citizens of The Hague. I moved to The Hague to study International Studies and was pleased to find an international city with many opportunities. In my studies, I focused on Latin America and journalism. Learning about new cultures not only enriched my knowledge, it also gave me a deeper understanding of the different struggles around the world.

However, the knowledge gained through learning should not be taken for granted. Access to information is not available to everyone. Oppression of press and internet is widespread. Moreover, the emerging term ‘fake news’ is challenging the juxtaposition between freedom of speech and reliable news. As a volunteer for Amnesty International, I tried helping people whose human rights were violated. Many times, those people are journalists and activists.

Moreover, as a songwriter, I had the opportunity to play with many different people. Music connects people on a level words alone cannot. I am therefore proud that The Hague is nationally known for its music scene. Whether participating or helping organize events, I am happy to see many people enjoying what brings us together: expats, locals, and immigrants alike. In my song “City Lights” I combined the music with the struggle for information. The song aims to express the importance of telling the story even though it is hard. Many people challenge themselves and the world around them with their stories in hopes of creating a brighter future. Unfortunately, this is not always safe or easy.

Many times while volunteering for Amnesty International people told me the victims could have been more careful, and that they should be more aware of how dangerous it can be to talk about certain topics. Nevertheless, I admire these people as it was very courageous. Staying silent is worse, we need to start now, and I hope others that come to One Young World The Hague will feel the same way and join this journey to building a better world.

Three Must Things

1. Hostel de Gekke Geit: This cosy hostel is not only a place to stay but also a place to go out. From jam sessions to jazz, there is often live music on the small stage of the Gekke Geit. The cheap prices attract many students.
2. Lange Voorhout: I remember when I first moved to The Hague. My lectures were in Diligentia Theater on Lange Voorhout. Every morning, when I made my way to this street, I felt I was lucky to be in this city. When fall is among us, this lane and its trees will amaze you with all the fall colours.
3. The Palace Garden: Need an escape from the hectic city life? Park your bike and visit the royal palace garden. I have observed a surprise concert from an orchestra to a bachelorette party to yoga classes.