Baris’ Poems #2 – Hope

August 17, 2018 10:35 am

In the run up to One Young World The Hague, Baris Koca, one of our ambassadors shares his beliefs by writing inspiring poems.

We have all been there, and maybe still are,
Looking online for the most exclusive and unique places to colour our next vacation,
Taking pictures to share it online, buying souvenirs for our bookshelf and scratching our new world map with a penny,
And then that moment in your life when you ask yourself: what did I really see of the world?
The answer? I figured it out, once I stopped traveling countries, and started to travel hearts.

I saw Nico,
a 8 year old child from Congo,
working in the mine fields searching for cobalt,
no education, an increased chance to diseases and death, and no future perspective.
Why? to provide you with a sustainable green car.
Remember Nico, while you are driving your child to school.

I saw Manisha,
a 27 year old transgender from India,
struggling with her sexuality and the consequences of it,
forced to prostitution, no shoulder left to cry on, and faded ambitions.
Why? because she did not fit in the ideal world that we have created.
Remember Manisha, when your own child brings you the news.

I saw Sima,
a 19 year old Yezidi girl,
trying to wash the terrible memories in a 4 sq. m tent.
raped by several men, spit out and beaten because of her identity, and lost every single family member in war.
Why? because the world was busy watching tv instead of helping.
Remember Sima, when you see your daughter leaving for college.

I saw Ahmed,
a 29 year old Syrian young doctor,
fighting against the imposed title of refugee,
swum a lot of sea miles with a fake life jacket to escape war, and with a burned master’s degree, working as a cleaner in the hospital.
Why? because your preconceptions did not gave him a fair chance,
Remember Ahmed, when you are waiting in the never ending queue at the hospital.

I saw Rania,
a 22 year old Persian young woman,
writing about freedom in her diary in prison,
received lashes for waiving with her hijab out of protest, married out to her 15 years older cousin, and a suspended sentence of 10 years jail if she ever dares to protest again.
Why? because she is a dreamer who has to live within oppression.
Remember Rania, when you go sightseeing and taking selfies in your dream destination

Proverty, discrimination and despair, I see you…
Unjustice, oppression and fear I see you as well…

Nico, is no one’s luxury, but my child;
Manisha, is no one’s storyline for a documentary, but my sister;
Sima, is not just a symbol for a foundation, but my daughter;
Ahmed, is not just an unintended guest, but my Hippocratic oath; and
Rania, is not a newsfeed, but my inspiration.

….. HOPE, I will bring you