Baris’ Poems #1 – My message to the world: ‘Simplicity’

August 6, 2018 4:06 pm

In the run up to One Young World The Hague, Baris Koca, one of our ambassadors shares his beliefs by writing inspiring poems. “In a world where mountains are built to separate, borders are set to exclude and labels are created to hate, I use my pen to unite souls. Advocating for human rights starts with being a great example.” – Baris Koca

I walked through a forest,
Enjoying the beautiful environment,
The sound of peace in the wind, the smell of love in the sunflowers and the sense of freedom in the voice of the birds.

In the distance,
there was a little boy sitting on a rock, looking sad, lost and forgotten..
What could I give this boy to make him smile again?

If I was a Native American,
and gave you my trust.
Would you see my colors and give me a box of peace?

If I was a Syrian,
and gave you my tears. Would you give me your hope?

If I was a Roma,
and gave you my weakness.
Would you give me your hand to build a better world?

If I was a Jew,
and gave you my prayers. Would you shalom me back?

If I was a Kurd,
and gave you my fear. Would you give me your strength?

If I was a African-American,
and gave you my history.
Would you be ashamed and give me the key to equality?

If I was a German,
and gave you a sunflower. Would you give me your forgiveness?

If I was a Palestinian,
and gave you my courage. Would you give me your walls?

If I was Tibetan,
and gave you my philosophy and inner peace.
Would you see my fire of passion from the Himalaya till the desserts of Mongolia?

I walked to the little boy and gave him my smile and he gave his in return…