Blog – Yvet’s Top #3 The Hague insider tips

September 10, 2018 4:34 pm

The Hague, Den Haag, La Haya, our city has many different names and many different faces. Known for its international organizations, the beach and music, The Hague has a lot to offer. If you are like me into art and live music, wait no more. I got some great insider tips.

Written by Yvet Yody – One Young World The Hague ambassador 

1. Grote Markt
Personally I have spent many nights at de Grote Markt, which literally translates to Big Market. Is it a big market? Not really. It is more a cosy square with a lot of bars and restaurant, perfect to drink with your (new One Young World) friends or have a bite. You can find live rock concerts at de Zwarte Ruiter, salsa is every Wednesday at the Boterwaag, jazz is played at September and the best cocktails can be found at Vavoom. At night, the christmas lights will turn on and an young audience fills the chairs and tables outside. You could decide to go to the rivaling square called Het Plein, but to be fair: the Grote Markt is where the cool people are.

2. Panorama Mesdag
There are many musea in the Hague worth visiting. Be dazzled by Escher at the Palace, see a astonic collection of Piet Mondriaan at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, or see the Girl With the Pearl Earring at Mauritshuis. There are many options in The Hague. A very special option is to visit the Panorama Mesdag. I recently visited the panorama for the first time and I didn’t understand why I haven’t visited earlier in the five years I lived in The Hague. You can see paintings but the panorama gives you a change to step into the painting. Mesdag made a 360 degrees painting of late 19th Century Scheveningen Beach in which you will technically forget you are still a few miles away from the Beach. An amazing experience.

3. Hostel de Gekke Geit
This cozy hostel is a bit hard to pronounce if you don’t speak Dutch. However that doesn’t stop the audience, which is a great combination of internationals and locals. Gekke Geit often hosts live music, but also has karaoke nights, dj’s and anything that will fit in this tiny bar. Another reason why this attracts so many people – that mostly just stand outside – is the cheap pricing: on thursday a pint is only 3 euro. De Gekke Geit is great place to meet with friends, not only on a busy Friday night but also to relax at a lazy Sunday afternoon.