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Building a Better World, in The Hague

The Hague is known across the globe as a centre for international efforts to make the world a better place. Its task as a city – The Hague’s calling, one could say, and the calling of the Netherlands as a nation – is to build a more just and peaceful world. Indeed, our Constitution demands it.

You want to build a better world. We do, too! A world that settles interstate conflicts through dialogue, not combat. A world that seeks to build rather than destroy. A world ruled by justice rather than ‘might makes right’. A world where the international community holds those who think they can ignore international law accountable.

Here, in The Hague

The Hague is the International City of Peace and Justice. Here, every day, tens of thousands of people work together towards a more peaceful, just and secure world. They work in hundreds of organisations, companies and various knowledge centres – and in the Peace Palace, the symbol of international justice for more than 100 years. The Hague is where conflicts are prevented and solved peacefully.

During his inspirational speech at the 2014 One Young Word Summit in Dublin, Kofi Annan said: “Genuine peace is a sum of small actions.” In The Hague, we understand that peace and justice are both sides of the same coin, and that we need both to develop ways to tackle today’s crucial challenges and build a better world. In The Hague, we already have some answers.

This has always been an open and tolerant city. Every language in the world is spoken here. We host major international conferences, such as the recent Nuclear Security Summit and the Global Conference on Cyberspace. We provide neutral ground for open dialogue and constructive debate. And the presence here of so many international organisations, more than 150 NGOs and numerous international companies, reflects the tremendous diversity of The Hague.