Meet our Community Dinner partners

Initiatives of Change / De LuisterAcademie

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a global movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds committed to building a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. IofC believes this global transformation starts with personal change by reflecting on your own motives and behavior. By regularly taking a moment in silence to listen, you gain access to a source of inspiration, creativity and strength. Over the last 90 years this approach has made IofC gain credibility and extensive experience in bringing healing and reconciliation where there is conflict, and building trust across the world’s divides. While listening is an essential element of our daily life, it is anything but self-evident. The Listening Academy aims to mobilize the power of listening in social and professional settings by means of training, dialogue facilitation and design of new meeting places. Stefanie Schuddebeurs founded the Listening Academy in 2015 and has worked to increase listening potential by means of training and co-creative processes for government parties, universities and NGOs.

Both Initiatives of Change and The Listening Academy believe that listening to yourself and one another is key to creating positive change in the world. By taking a step back to reflect, a space opens that enables genuine connection and true collaboration. Knowing and sharing needs is at the center of it, because these often are hidden underneath our daily tensions and conflict. By inspiring, equipping and connecting young people to acquire the skills and knowledge about listening, silence and needs, we aim to empower them to live up to their true human potential to serve the world.


PostNL is the number one service provider in mail and logistics in The Netherlands. We also offer a helping hand to those people who need extra help to stay connected to society. For the Jarige Job Foundation e.g. we deliver a birthday box to over 15,000 children from poor families every year to help them celebrate their birthday at school and at home. During the community dinner the founder of the Jarige Job Foundation, Mr. Huib Lloyd presents his charity organization.

PostNL is a member of the One Young World Advisory Board. The board works closely with One Young World to ensure the Summit has the maximum positive impact on participating delegates and the city of The Hague. We very much like to present the concept of the Jarige Job Foundation because we do hope the initiative will be continued abroad by a One Young World delegate.


We at Unilever want to help create a world where everyone can live well within the natural limits of the planet. By using our resources as a business to address issues such as health and hygiene, gender equality, climate change and plastic packaging waste, we are delivering short-term and long-term benefits for our shareholders and society. The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan is our blueprint for achieving our vision to grow our business, whilst decoupling our environmental footprint from our growth and increasing our positive social impact. We will continue to work with others to focus on those areas where we can drive the biggest change and take action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We know that our products must be sustainable at every stage in their life-cycle, not just in our factories. That means working with others, including our suppliers, consumers, governments, NGOs and other businesses to help create the major changes that are needed to address the biggest challenges facing our world. To connect with all those parties and the future world leaders, Unilever has been a partner of OYW from the very start.

De Haagse Hogeschool (Hague University of Applied Sciences)

The participants at the OYW-summit aim to bring positive changes to the world. And we at THUAS want to do this too. We empower our students to change and improve the world they live in and stimulate them to build strong international networks and to develop in open-minded global citizens. We believe that we can find answers to present and future challenges more quickly if we’re prepared to share and apply each other’s insights, skills and methods. By hosting a community diner we give the delegates and our students an opportunity to expand their international network and share knowledge and experience.

ADO Den Haag/Cordaid/Kompass

We think it is very important that OYW should enter the city instead of being only in the conference center

Apollo 14

We want to inspire delegates with our startup programme of The Hague: ImpactCity.
ImpactCity helps startups and scale-ups that deliver a societal contribution by offering various services. We believe that economic success goes hand in hand with solutions for a better world. We call this ‘doing good & doing business’. ImpactCity helps organizations with doing business. The Hague is the first ImpactCity in the world.

We think the delegates of OYW might be interested in our ImpactCity startup programme and get inspired to learn more and even contribute to a better world themselves.


YoungTheHague is a citywide network for all young professionals in The Hague. Nowadays, government and business are often worlds apart. Thanks to YoungTheHague, young professionals can gain contacts outside their own organization and “peek over the fence.” What unites them is that they are all active in the city of The Hague, which creates a bond.

This is a great opportunity for Young professionals from TheHague (our YoungTheHague community) to meet other young professionals over the world and to share knowledge and experiences. A diner to network, share and have fun. YoungTheHague will invite speakers to inspire them about interesting Dutch agricultural innovations. Together we can learn and share more about agricultural innovations and efficient food production all over the world. Building a better world must be done together and it’s starts with young generation, our young professionals.

Stichting Haagse Helpers

NHH is a youth movement that works for a socially connected city. We strive for a society in which young people take it for granted to use their talents for fellow citizens. We do this by inspiring and activating young people to participate in social and / or practical assistance activities. With this we bring together different worlds in which the personal encounter is central.

The goal of Netwerk Haagse Helpers is to offer help and network to people who have little or no network and teach young people around the world how to use their talents for vulnerable people in their own city.

Humanity House

Humanity House is a place to see, hear and experience the human story behind humanitarian themes, such as conflict, war and human rights.  In our museum, you can experience what it must feel like to flee. Afterwards, you (virtually) meet 8 refugees who share their story.  The Humanity House also provides a platform, where debates, movienights and lectures (on humanitarian themes) are organized. Our educational programmes explain global problems to children and young adults.

We offer all these activities to enhance understanding about humanitarian issues, inspiring people to create a positive change in the world. The goal of Humanity House is to raise discussion about humanitarian themes, inspiring people to create a positive change, contribute to a better world. By hosting a Dinner for the OYW delegates, we hope to reach out to young leaders that are able to and commited to make these changes in their home countries.

Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition

The CEO-led Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition aims to spur sustainable growth business models that combine economic profitability with environmental and social progress and in that way contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By working in a coalition, we are convinced that we can strengthen each other and unite the Dutch innovation power. As frontrunners, we want to be an example for other stakeholders and work towards a sustainable society. In line with OYW’s goal, we believe that together we build a better world!

Some DSGC members have been partners of OYW for years, annually sending company delegates to the summit. As a coalition, DSGC wants to share its knowledge, good practices and lessons learned, to encourage sustainable leadership. The coalition seeks to engage with YP on the topic of the transition to a sustainable, inclusive, circular economy. By connecting current leaders with future professionals, we create impact as to underscore the importance of connecting SDGs with business etc. We want to take the Dutch examples as a starting point for a meaningful conversation, that can lead to impactful connections for both the delegates as other guests. Finally, we aim to organize a dinner that will leave the OYW delegates as ‘ambassadors’ of the Netherlands.


Deloitte is inspired by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Its acceleration of technology and digitization presents incredible opportunities. Globally, millions have been left behind, unable to fulfil their aspirations and potential. They lack the education, skills, and training causing widening inequality, declining productivity, and rising social tensions. Through WorldClass, we aim to prepare 50 million futures for a world of opportunity by applying our skills, experience, and global reach to empower them through education, skills development, and access to opportunity.

As part of our WorldClass ambition to empower 50 million futures, Deloitte has a global societal impact partnership with One Young World (OYW) in order to recognize talented young professionals and develop them into future leaders. Deloitte hosts a community dinner in the Mauritshuis on the 19th of October for these future leaders and guests. It will give them the opportunity to connect and build long lasting relationships which each other.


AECOM believes in building to deliver a better world. Delivering clean water and energy. Building iconic skyscrapers. Planning new cities. Restoring damaged environments. Connecting people and economies with roads, bridges, tunnels and transitsystems.Designing parks where children play. Helping governments maintain stability and security. By doing all this we contribute to building a better world and to a better environment.

In the first place One Young World community is one that makes a difference and promotes the idea of building a better world as we do. Secondly it gathers people from all over the world with different backgrounds and ideas. These are common points and we believe that it is important to connect to organizations that share the same views as ours. We therefore would like to use the opportunity of having the summit organized in the Hague to connect.

IMC Weekendschool

Here we create the future. IMC weekendschool believes that children who keep on following their passion, are those who will achieve the most out of their life. Therefore the weekendschool wants to engage children with passionate professionals and their omnifarious professions. The classes are

tailored to stimulate fascinating moments that become a part of their experience and will help to broaden their horizon. We encourage the boldness of our students and offer them our solid network. This is how we empower our students to become who they want to be.

The Community Diner is an excellent opportunity for the students of the weekendschool as for the delegates of One Young World to connect with each other and learn from each other’s (international) background. Moreover, One Young World and IMC Weekendschool share the same interests in their activities to connect young people with varying backgrounds.

The Hague Peace Projects

The Hague Peace Projects is a collective of young professionals who act as catalysts of peace all over the world. Many of them have personally lived through circumstances of violence and oppression and worked as human rights activists in their countries of origin. Based in The Netherlands, The Hague Peace Projects initiates dialogue among victims of war and oppression in order to engage them as first agents of change to promote a culture of inclusion and peace.

We as the Hague Peace Projects find this as a wonderful opportunity to engage this generation of young people about the work they have ahead of them to ensure they do their level best to make sure that every life and person does not have to leave in a place that is not at peace. Our goal is to plant the seed. We believe there is no better place to do that then The Hague as this is the highest land one can seek justice and it is our onus to keep this work going, as we have realized over time, we cannot do it alone.


Aegon’s purpose is to help our customers achieve a lifetime of financial security and our ambition is to be a trusted partner for financial solutions at every stage of life. By acting responsibly and creating a positive impact for our stakeholders we aim to build a better world.

By hosting a One Young World community dinner, we hope to connect our Aegon top executives to this generation’s young leaders of the world. Over the course of a typical Dutch dinner we want to use the opportunity to share thoughts and perspectives and to inspire each other, discussing some of the social topics that Aegon currently endeavors to make an impact on.


UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. And we never give up.

The energy and enthusiasm of young people can change the world. We see this every day, working for and with young people across the globe. Improving children’s lives and securing their survival in their earliest years, we follow through by supporting education, training and skills-development in their second decade of life. UNICEF is at home in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice, and works in partnership with the local government to help young people thrive. Suzanne Laszlo, CEO UNICEF Nederland, attends as a member of the Board of the One Young World Summit 2018.

Public Leadership Foundation

Our leadership philosophy is based on making the world a more equal, fair, and sustainable place by focusing on delivering  internal goods, and that we all have a responsibility to Make A Difference – to be MAD – to achieve this. Such difference will only happen through active leadership performed by individuals working together towards solutions to societal challenges. By bringing people together and connecting them through experiences we build an environment where ideas and solutions are shared for a better world.

Public Leadership is about making a difference – MAD. It’s leadership for everyone, by everyone. OYW includes all ingredients to help young people to develop their leadership and (continue) to make a difference. We’ll connect those participating in the programme and people living in The Hague with less opportunities in work, education and society and let them discover how much they have in common when it concerns leadership.

Conscious Kitchen

Conscious Kitchen is an initiative that focuses on the prevention of food waste in The Hague. Through cooking, dining and cleaning, internationals and locals connect, joke around, inspire and get inspired. Every week we go to the Haagse Markt to pick up bulks of fruits and veggies that would otherwise be thrown away. Collectively we then create filling, creative and vegan dishes. Soul food is served in combination with dancing and chatting.


Xtra stands for a society in which everybody is part of and everybody counts. Xtra supports people that are at risk to be left behind and helps them to develop themselves and become self-reliant. This is done by making sure that people have opportunities, are healthy and can participate in society throughout different phases of life. Concretely this is realized by a great variety of projects and services ranging from community centres to neighbourhood nurses.

Humanity Hub

The Hague Humanity Hub is a unique platform, where forward-thinking organizations and people are united by their drive to develop innovative solutions to today’s global challenges in peace, justice, and humanitarian action. Besides a professional workplace, the Hub offers access to an open and diverse community for innovation, co-creation, and knowledge exchange. Among its first members are UN OCHA Centre for Humanitarian Data, HiiL, Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, Humanity X, and World Resources Institute. Within 8 months of opening, the Hub already has more than 48 members organizations.

Enabling youth is key to tackling the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our forward-thinking community is working on innovations for a better world and would love to involve youth in the discussion on how to move forward.


Resto VanHarte is an innovative non-profit organization in the Netherlands. Resto VanHartewas started in 2004 to address social isolation and loneliness with the mission to achieve sustainable human connections. Our theory of change consists of four primary components for fighting social isolation.

  • Create meeting places (Restos) where regularly preparing and eating food together forms a common bond.
  • Promote active participation in society by partnering with local organizations to target the most isolated in our communities and to integrate them into employment pathways and health living activities.
  • Raise awareness around social exclusion by bringing to the public’s attention the issues of social poverty and exclusion.
  • Generate involvement by individual citizens, companies, and civil society organizations around the need to reduce social isolation

As a partner of the township of The Hague we were invited to host the OYW-delegates. Of course we are delighted to show our concept for a better world where people connect, take part of society and make a valuable contribution. Which we offer in our Resto’s. There is no better way to explain what we do than by experiencing for yourself. We would like to give the delegates a chance to meet and connect to the local citizens, our volunteers and partner organisations during a nice, fresh and healthy three course Resto VanHarte-dinner. This is what we offer the community in The Hague and 19 other cities in The Netherlands.

Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn

Among Pels Rijcken’s clients are the Dutch government, regulators and other government bodies including the Municipality of The Hague. In this capacity, our lawyers and civil-law notaries work on cases that make a difference to our clients and have far-reaching implications for society as a whole. We are well aware of our role, realize that the truth is never one-dimensional and understand that context matters. The legal system is something beautiful, something important. We are very proud to be part of it.

By hosting a Community Dinner we want to seize the opportunity of sharing ideas and perspectives on some of the topics Pels Rijcken is working on, such as business human rights. As one of the actors in the City of Peace and Justice we share the vision of One Young World and the Municipality of The Hague of enabling young leaders to develop their talents to make a difference.

Stichting Present

We ourselves are building a community where people find it more common to interact with one another. Building bridges between socially isolated groups within society. We love the idea that the concept of Present will be grounded in other countries as well. Several contacts of ours are working on the summit 2018.

Ap’s Services

Appie el Massaoudi (28) is a well-known entrepreneur in The Hague. His renowned apprenticeship company ‘Ap’s services’ give boys who have difficulties finding a job or are a school dropout, a job opportunit. In this job they learn skills in order to get a steady job or go to school (again).  Ap’s services is close to the Hague Market and is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the Market.


Albert Heijn