Second event 12 Colours of The Hague, June 7th

May 31, 2018 9:31 pm

One Young World The Hague Ambassador Kelly Buis: “I believe diversity will make the Hague as a city stronger and more resilient. Through my experiences working and living in the Middle East, I have become convinced that we can learn from our differences. Yet, there will always be more similarities between people than we initially think. That is why I am setting up a platform in The Hague called TalkDiversity where youth from different neighbourhoods and background will map the diversity in our city in a creative way and by doing so enter into a dialogue with each other. This is the first step in making a society more tolerant and peaceful.

The 12 ambassadors of One Young World The Hague are proudly presenting their series of events called ’12 Colours of The Hague’. Twelve ambassadors, twelve passions and twelve themes will be connecting young leaders in the city of the Hague to One Young world in the run-up to the summit in October 2018. The second 12 Colours of The Hague event will be organised on Thursday 7thof June by ambassadors Kevin Huyzen en Kelly Buis. Both feel very passionate about the themes of diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility, each from their own experiences and mission.

On Thursday June 7, diversity and CSR will take centre stage in an interactive event at The Student Hotel – Bazaar of Ideas in the Hague with two interesting speakers. Maartje Scholten is Management Consultant at Accenture. She will share her personal experiences on diversity in the corporate sector. Wanita Adjiembaks is diversity trainer for Nieuw Wij and will facilitate a workshop on cultural and religious diversity.

We welcome all those interested to join us this evening at The Student Hotel (Hoefkade 9) from 7 to 9 pm. For more information about this event please send an email to or check the event on Facebook:

Note: this event will be in Dutch.